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A Fitness Game That Is Pretty Awesome!

Flip2BFit a new awesome fitness game.

The original review first appeared on The Awesome Hunter by Stephan Solstice

Monopoly, Chess, Battleship, etc. etc. are all fitness games that are fun at first but then get extremely boring, plus, sitting on your butt for countless hours playing them doesn’t really exercise much except your mind.

Well, it’s now 2015 and that all has changed thanks to Flip2BFit – a new board game that combines both skill & fitness and is the only fitness game on the market currently that requires you to move around while playing; The game incorporates yoga, cardio, stretching and strength activities.

The Awesome Hunter spoke to Flip2BFit’s founder, Heather Parisi who told us why its just so awesome and winning all the top game awards, “It’s awesome because it’s the only fitness board game that gets everyone up moving laughing and truly having fun together again!  Where else can you open a box that can get you and your entire family on the right track to a healthy lifestyle and all while laughing, giggling and having fun together?!”

It’s true – with everyone looking at keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle these days, why not include this game into your routines – order yours now!

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