Adventures with Kiddos

Adventures With Kiddos Reviews Flip2BFit & Bakari

My kids love to play games. From card games, to running around and moving games. Bakari and Flip2BFit are games that combine all they love – games and moving! They challenge their mind and body with different poses, memory, and fun with both games!

Bakari is so much fun – it has 52 cards, a cloth card mat and note pad. It takes a spin on the typical Memory game and gets everyone up doing workout moves, and makes them think. You have to match a pair of cards that have anything from cardio, yoga, strength or more, and get points for each successful pair!

Adventures with Kiddos revews bakari

Flip2BFit is fitness in a box! It’s a great fitness board game. You draw a card, do what it says, and move your pawn around the board which is designed as a park. The kicker – if you get bad food, you have to go back! It’s a great game that gets everyone’s minds and bodies moving.

Adventures with Kiddos reviews flip2bfit

My kids loved learning new fitness moves, challenging each other, and having fun with the family while playing games. It wore them out and they slept great too! Now we have fun workout games we play every week.

Adventures with Kiddos – Bakari and Flip2BFit Games Review

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