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Fun with exercise games for kids

Exercise Games Bringing Fun to Fitness Once upon a time, kids spent their afternoons running around the neighborhood, tearing through the parks and complaining when the sun went down because their moms would call them home. Times sure have changed. Between school, extracurriculars, concerns about neighborhood safety and the draw of modern technology, today’s youth […]

Fitness Board Game

Board Game Helps Create Healthy Lifestyles

By Kirby Adams, @kirbylouisville Here’s an idea for the perfect gift for the family who plays and stays fit together, especially as colder weather rolls into Kentuckuiana. The board game, Flip2BFit, gets you up, moving, jumping, laughing and having fun. No equipment or experience needed. The board game helps create healthy lifestyle habits for your family […]

Bakari Board Game

TTPM Reviews Bakari Board Game

What It Is This review first appeared on TTPM.com Bakeri board Game is a fitness memory card game for one to four players. It includes 52 exercise cards, a score pad, and a playing mat. Place all the exercise cards facedown on the mat, and take turns flipping over two cards to try and make […]

equanimity magazine reviews flip2bfit fitness game

FLIP2BFIT fitness game gets reviewed in Equanimity Spring 2015 magazine

Fitness game making nutrition fun for kids Latest issue of Equanimity Spring 2015 that features FLIP2BFIT fitness game review is all about setting meaningful goals. Knowing how to set meaningful goals is vital and helps you stay balanced. When you set goals, you must believe in yourself and stick to your goals. No one deliberately sets themselves up […]

Awesome hunter review

A Fitness Game That Is Pretty Awesome!

Flip2BFit a new awesome fitness game. The original review first appeared on The Awesome Hunter by Stephan Solstice Monopoly, Chess, Battleship, etc. etc. are all fitness games that are fun at first but then get extremely boring, plus, sitting on your butt for countless hours playing them doesn’t really exercise much except your mind. Well, it’s […]