Sit-ups vs Crunches

Six Pack Abs Exercises: sit-ups or crunches?

Everyone longs for a slim and trim core. But what’s the most effective way to get there: sit-ups or crunches? Sit-Ups The Pros: Work Multiple Muscles Sit-ups are a multi-muscle exercise. While they don’t specifically target stomach fat (note: neither do crunches!), sit-ups actually work the abdominals as well as other muscles groups, including: chest […]

Can you Find Happiness in Fitness?

Can You Find Happiness in Fitness?

Use fitness to become happier. Science backs up the premise that regular exercise actually boosts your mood and makes you a more joyful person. When you workout intensely, physiological changes take place in your body that increase a feeling of happiness. Cortisol and Happiness When you are stressed out, feel frustrated, suffer from fears, have […]

Kid Doing Yoga | Picture Curtsey of 'Kids Yoga with Kara'

Why Your Kid Should Be Doing Yoga

Not only can it help kids relax, but pediatricians say the ancient practice may also be a helpful treatment for asthma, autism, and more. By Betsy Stephens from Parents Magazine Why Your Child Should Be Doing Yoga   Here’s a trick that usually calms my children anytime they have more energy than their little body can […]

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