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This Review First Appeared on Examiner.com by Army Stein

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved board games. They remind me of my childhood and having fun with friends and family. Even as an adult with limited time to play board games I manage to sneak in a game night at least once a month. My most recent game night was a family game night with my nieces and nephews. Knowing that they’ve played all the games I currently own, not to mention that I love being the cool uncle, I decided to go shopping where I knew I’d find the latest and greatest game that would help me keep fit this summer. As I browsed through the game section on toysrus.com I came across an interesting new game called Flip2BFit; The game was unlike any other board game I’ve ever come across in all my years. Right away though, I knew my family would benefit greatly from playing it, so I decided I had to have it and gave Toys R Us some of my money ($34.99)!

Flip2BFit is a board game that encourages families to get together, get active, but most importantly have fun. The game incorporates cardio, yoga, stretching, strength training and healthy eating tips in a fun and easy way that gets everyone up and moving. To play, you spin a wheel, pick a card, complete an exercise individually or as teams and strategically make your way to the finish line. It’s all about families being fit and healthy together and making smart lifestyle choices. The game is like fitness in a box and is easy enough for everyone in the family to play. Although it is technically a board game, I love that it teaches kids about being healthy. It’s especially perfect for kids that prefer sitting in front of the TV rather than going out to play, because it sneaks in exercise and creates an environment of fun and laughter.

Because I fell in love with the game, I just had to do some research on its backstory (since all great games have a backstory) and sure enough, Flip2BFit did! The creator of the game is fitness enthusiast Heather Parisi who in her own words has said she strongly believes that a healthy world is a better world and keeps fit by eating clean and working out. On the Flip2BFit website Heather states that she is “Just a girl with a dream and the commitment to make it a reality”. Now what’s more is that besides just this incredible game, Heather has also founded the non-profit organization Fitness for Africa that helps bridge the gap between the United States obesity epidemic and the malnutrition that exists in Africa through educating people on how to make healthy decisions, while also helping to build schools for the kids in Africa.

Overall, this Hollywood reporter highly recommends picking a game up for yourself and maybe even an extra one for anyone who wants to keep kids heathy and entertained. My family absolutely loved the game, whether we played it inside our living room or moving it outside on the yard. Keeping fit and having fun is the best and easiest choice I’ve had to make for myself and family! You can buy the game via Toys R Us too via

Keep Fit this summer

(Special Report Written By Amy Stein)

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