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Huff Post Living: 10 Unique Ways to Stay Fit Without Joining a Gym

It’s finally spring in Toronto! The last snow has fallen (we hope) and Torontonians can now happily come out of their winter hibernation and explore their blooming, bustling, metropolitan city. Unfortunately for us Canadians (not sure if this will include those west coast citizens) we don’t really have many options to keep fit when it comes to those brutally cold winter months.

If you’re anything like me then going to the gym is basically like walking around a maze…blind-folded. Nothing about that seems fun or exciting, mostly just painful and awkward! And with not many other outdoor options to get physical in winter, I tend to just eat my way through the cold, and then ask my husband if he’ll still love me when I’m a hundred pounds overweight. So for all of you gym haters out there who may want to start working out but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are ten unique and fun ways to get fit this spring and ready for the beach this summer — without stepping foot inside a horrible death maze. I mean, gym….. Flip2BFit fitness board game is featured as one of the unique fun ways to stay fit.

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