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Living Simplistically: Family Game Night Just Got A Great Deal Healthier with Bakari

This Article was published first on Living Simplistically (September 24, 2014)  😀 

I was asked if I had any interest in trying out Bakari with my family, and once I read more about the game, it was a no brainer, ABSOLUTELY!! My family and I have family game night frequently where we will either play the Wii, a board game, or Jinga. Bakari was the perfect fit considering its added elements of yoga, strengthening exercises, stretching and cardio exercises. Not only do you exercise your body, but Bakari’s memory game allows you to exercise your brain.

We were sent two different games to test out. We were going to play the memory game, but my daughter was more drawn to the board game. The memory game just requires you pick up a match, if not, you have to select one of the cards and perform what is on the card. If you have a match, those playing with you get to perform what’s on the card. Pretty simple.


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