Money Saving Parent: My kids flipped over Flip2BFit games

It can sometimes get a little difficult especially during the cold winter months or during the really hot Houston summer days to get the kids to get moving. Playing outside is fun and great fitness, but what about those cold, wet, rainy days or hot summer days in the 100’s where much more than the pool just doesn’t work? And, let’s face it, it’s not just the kids, mom and dad need a little help getting fit and fantastic, which is where the game Flip2BFit comes in really handy!
Disclosure: I was provided with the gift of Flip2BFit in order to share my experiences with it. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

This Review First Appeared on Money Saving Parent by Lisa Carey

About Flip2BFit

My daughter’s really enjoy a Yoga DVD that we use during the cold winter months and the really hot summer days and they love board games so I was really excited to see what they would think of Flip2BFit games. Here’s a little something about them.

Flip2BFit is “fitness in a box” with the basics of yoga, cardio, stretching and strength as an introduction to cross fit. No equipment is needs (though we used our yoga mats) and you don’t have to be a fitness professional to have fun and get fit. It’s a board game that gets everyone up and moving, creating a healthier lifestyle. Look for some fun activities from jumping to planking which will leave the whole family laughing (let’s face it watching mom doing sit ups can be pretty funny!) which get the whole family beyond the board game and feeling fit.
While Flip2BFit is great fun and fitness for the whole family, it also reaches out to the world community. Flip2BFit Inc. gives back a portion of their proceeds to support Fitness in Africa providing fitness instruction – education – and penpal projects to children and woman in Uganda.

The Best Parts about Flip2BFit

The kids and I were able to use both the Flip2BFit Box game as well as the memory game. Both were great fun and I like that we can take the memory game anywhere with us on our travels. Those rainy days in Florida don’t have to get us down we can get fit instead. I really wish our school would look into the fitness box for schools, because the girls are telling me how incredibly boring that PE (physical education is) and there is nothing boring about this game at home.
The game also builds teamworks, sportsmanship as well as offers up tidbits for health and fitness. After all you can spend all your time doing jumping jacks too. But that is one of the things we love about it, that it makes learning and fitness fun. My youngest is studying medicine and the body in her class and she was able to share all sorts of healthy information from playing the games.

Disclaimer: “The fitness information and other health-related suggestions included within this board game are meant as general recommendations and may not be appropriate for every individual. Consult a professional health-care provider before beginning this or any exercise program, especially if you are pregnant, have any physical limitations due to age or disease, or are taking medication. Do not engage in any activity that causes you pain or undue discomfort. Be aware that this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Flip2BFit and publisher of this board game disclaim any liability from any injury that may result from the use, proper or improper, of any exercise or advice contained within.”

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