Flip2BFit®Preventing childhood obesity one exercise at a time!

This simple statement has become our mantra and our destiny. Opening up the minds of children and their parents to the fact that a healthy lifestyle is possible and that it is within their grasp is the first step to providing a platform to get out in front of childhood obesity.   Through the introduction of Yoga, Cardio, Stretching and Strength Flip2BFit gets everyone UP, MOVING, LAUGHING and having FUN together as they take step one to living a healthy lifestyle.

A truly amazing game, Flip2BFit is Fitness Made Fun through fitness activities for kids! This effort to prevent childhood obesity while playing a fitness fun game for kids has become a team effort with our various partners both locally and across the country.  Starting with a local organization: CHALK (Choosing a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Kids – a Not for Profit Organization run by Columbia University Medical Center and the NY Presbyterian community) to  Fit to be Kids, Inc. in Southern California that brings fitness fun to low income neighborhoods, Flip2BFit is providing a platform for kids to overcome exercise fears, get up and start moving and all while having fun and getting fit!  Fit to be kids implements the board game in to their Saturday morning fitness activities and shares with kids physical activities that help keep them active fit and healthy!Flip2BFit also takes great pride in giving back to help open the minds of children on the other side of the world to what a healthy lifestyle is about.  We partner with Fitness for Africa, a Not for Profit Organization that brings organized Fitness Instruction to schools throughout Uganda and educates students and their parents about what a Healthy Lifestyle means.

Through these incredible projects we are dedicated to assuring that all aspects of a Healthy Lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle are made available to the men, women and children throughout the US and Africa that we touch. Through Flip2BFit® board game sales and events, funds are raised to ensure we do our part to take step one to providing better tomorrows!


Have Fun Meet Others and make lifelong Friendships



Join our Pen Pal Program that brings together children
around the world. Learn and share while making friends.


Thanks for joining the cause !

We are proud to give back to both local and international organizations such as Fit To Be Kids, The Fit Kids Foundation, CHALK and Fitness For Africa.  Organizations all dedicated to the betterment of children’s lifestyles through education, fitness and fun.

Flip2BFit® would like to thank you for your support and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy playing and come back to our website Flip2BFit.com to see our new fitness games.


10 Habits of a Healthy Kid

    1. Be physically active every day
    2. Turn off the screens and live your life!
    3. Eat smaller amounts
    4. Drink water instead of soda or juice
    5. Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit every day
    6. Eat less fast food
    7. Snack on healthy foods
    8. Switch to lowfat (1% or less) milk, cheese and yogurt
    9. Get enough sleep
    10. Do something healthy every day that makes you feel good
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