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Heather Parisi is the founder of the Fitness for Africa program and the Pearl Of Hope School in Uganda, Africa. She shares with us her incredible and inspiring story of her journey to Africa that made such a difference in the lives of the children in Uganda. This is her story:

It was a trip to Uganda to visit the Silverback Gorillas that changed my life forever. Always having a calling within to visit Africa and experience the animals and Safari, never did I imagine that five years after my first trip to Uganda I would have my own Not For Profit Organization and be operating a Nursery and Primary School based on bringing healthy lifestyles and opportunity to the vulnerable and forgotten people of Uganda.

Fitness For Africa is the result of my experience in Uganda five years ago, and Pearl of Hope Nursery and Primary School is my thriving and fully operational school now serving 60 students and their families in the village of Lela Obaro, Uganda.

Living a life based upon the concept that everyone has the right to live healthy and make conscious health choices, I have taken this belief of fitness, health, nutrition, and choice to the people of Uganda through my Flip2BFit Fitness Board Games. I have also instilled the overall concept of opening minds to the foods around them that are readily available and how to combine them with health and nutrition as the core and root to build upon.

After supplying my Flip2BFit games to S&S Worldwide for a few years, I reached out to share what I was doing in Uganda to open minds to the concepts of play, movement, and fitness. Without hesitation I was overwhelmed with a beautiful donation of sporting equipment to share with my students and the local community.  In the video below, you will experience the laughter, giggles, and purity of fun as experienced by my staff, the community, and my students as they embrace the simple aspects of play with balancing buckets and the parachute!

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