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Health and fitness is something I have been trying to teach the importance of to my kids. I want them to understand that their choices in fitness and diet matter a lot. We got a new fitness board game this month to review called Flip2BFit. This game makes exercising so much fun!

Review First Appeared on Teach Beside Me Blog by Karynn Tripp

Flip2BFit is a fitness board game that incorporates yoga, cardio, strength, and stretching. There are cards for each category of exercise. As you move through the game you spin a spinner and choose the card that relates. The cards have different exercises to complete. Some of the exercises are individual and some are group challenges. For the group challenges, the one who can endure the longest gets the points! These are the most fun! There are also Healthy and UnHealthy Game Cards. The health cards are food-related trivia questions that you need to answer to get points.

Teach Beside Me

We have played this with our family and with friends multiple times and always have had a lot of fun. We were laughing and having a great time competing against each other on our planks and squats! After playing for a while, you get surprisingly worn out! You don’t need any extra equipment and can play it anywhere. It would be a great park or outdoor game activity. It would be really fun to play in a large group as teams.


What I love most about this game is how much fun it makes all of these exercises. Exercise can be boring, but when you make it into a challenge and competition, it immediately becomes a lot more interesting! Being a homeschooler, it can be a challenge to find good ways to get kids moving. This is a fun and creative way to get the family moving and enjoying it!

Fitness Board Game for Kids

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