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Stretch, Jump & Twist To Win!

Flip2BFit® is an exciting fitness board game where you compete, build team spirit, and individual goals while stretching, jumping and twisting your way through Springer’s Park! With Flip2BFit, you can increase your physical fitness levels without them even realizing it. Whether you’re building strength, increasing cardio, or stretching out to a few yoga poses, you will find Flip2BFit® the most fun you’ve had in awhile. Get your copy today!

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Flip2BFit® Flip2BFit®

Award Winning Fitness Game for Kids

Flip2BFit® has been recognized by experts and media as a leading children’s product.


Flip2BFit® Flip2BFit®

Did you know?

You can get fit while helping others obtain a healthy lifestyle, too! We partner with Fitness for Africa, a nonprofit organization that brings organized fitness instruction to schools throughout Uganda and educates students and their parents about what a healthy lifestyle means. For every game you purchase … A portion of the profits goes to support a school in Uganda.